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Access and Attendance
Information, support and challenge to schools and academies in relation to non-attendance and children missing from education/ not in full time school
For more details and resources relating to any of our work, see our Resource pages linked on the right hand side of this page. This includes links to online forms to submit referrals or notifications to the LA.

The Access and Attendance Service has a wide remit including:

  • Responding to referrals received from schools for legal monitoring and intervention for school non attendance
  • Issuing Penalty Notices (non attendance and unauthorised leave of absence)
  • Prosecutions in Magistrate‚Äôs Court for school non attendance
  • School Attendance Orders
  • Education Supervision Orders
  • Child Employment Permits
  • Child Performance Licences (including chaperone recruitment and visits to performance venues)
  • Fixed Term and Permanent Exclusions
  • Fair Access Protocols and Panels
  • Elective home education
  • Children Missing Education, including advice to schools on removing children from admission registers
  • Monitoring of children not in full time school education, i.e. on reduced timetables or accessing alternative provision
  • Managed Moves